Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demoreel 2011

Here is my most current demoreel.
Currently updating...

Logitech Robot

Probably my favorite project: Logitech Robot.
Nominated for best animated character for a commercial for VES
Character Concept Design, Digital Modeling and Rapid Prototyping: Polet Harutnian, Josh Herman, Darnell Isom.

Here is the video:

Cowboys and Aliens

I got to model an awesome prop that Daniel Craig would have to lay down on for "Cowboys and Aliens."  Not too bad of an assignment.  This was also a project that I worked with the practical department on, modeling and prepping pieces
Digital Modeling and Rapid Prototyping: Polet Harutnian

Comcast Commercial

This was for a Comcast commercial featuring a new baby character.
Character Concept Design, Digital Sculpting, Rapid Prototyping:  Jim Charmatz, Polet Harutnian
It was great to see the puppeteers move a model that you had created digitally.

Bulletstorm Project

This was the first project that I was assigned lead. The group and I were assigned the task of taking the models given to us and prepping for 3D printing. Although we didn't get a chance to model the pieces from scratch, we were able to clean alot of the work given to us. Due to all the holes in the characters and the special request for a tube for the vomit gag, this was probably the most difficult 3D print grow I had been a part of.
Digital Sculpting and Rapid Prototyping:  Jim Charmatz, Polet Harutnian, Darnel Isom, Greg Smith

Here is the video: